​Why Choose the Hajj Safe Secure Neck/Side Bag?

by Hajj Safe

The unique features of the Hajj Safe Secure Neck/Side Bag make it indispensable when it comes to journeying to Hajj or Umrah. It can carry a surprising number of items, and has three separate securely zipped pockets to ensure you are well organised. 

The bag is made of water resistant material, so whether it rains in Saudi Arabia or in your hometown, you know your documents are safe and dry. A detachable chest strap is in place for your comfort and convenience, and what is more- no more dangling during salat! 

Anyone who has attempted to pray while carrying a bag due to concerns over keeping belongings safe, will recognise that horrible thud and pull of the bag as it becomes displaced, or worse still, the irritation of the bag falling awkwardly into your lap, as well as the embarrassment of having to fiddle around before it strangles you or stops you sitting correctly- but NOT with the Hajj Safe Secure Neck/Side Bag; it can be used as a secure neck bag that does not budge, or as a side bag that rests on the hip or waist. Don’t confuse the Hajj Safe Secure Neck/Side Bag with other bags out there, or you will be sorely disappointed.