Turkish Airline Hajj Kit

Hajj Safe has worked with Turkish Airlines, the national flag carrier of Turkey, to come up with an amenity kit for pilgrims on their way to Hajj and Umrah.

Not only has a strong working bond been formed between Hajj Safe and Turkish Airlines, but together they won the prestigious TravelPlus Airline Amenity Bag Awards 2012, coming second place. This highlights the potential of Hajj Safe, as the annual TravelPlus Awards are given out in recognition of the best on-board airline amenity kits from around the world. Not only are Hajj Safe bags included in the amenity kit, but Hajj Safe unscented liquid soap as well, thereby forging a close working relationship between Hajj Safe and the Turkish airline which has continued for three years.

Hajj Safe is on the up- literally- with orders also received from 4 star Skytrax airlines. Further orders are also expected from the Middle East market for Hajj Safe’s comfortable, wearable body bag which ensures that the pilgrim’s cash and important belongings remain safe throughout their journey of a lifetime. Hajj Safe has become a well renowned brand and its quality products have been endorsed by international airlines, with Roland Grohmann, Managing Director of FORMIA, which produces the bags, commenting: “It gives us particular pride to have developed these special kits for Turkish Airlines. The thoughtfulness of Turkish Airlines in catering for the comfort and convenience of its pilgrim passengers has been matched by the care with which we have designed these kits. We hope they will add to the convenience and enjoyment of everyone as they undertake their pilgrimage.”

Hajj Safe: the discerning travellers’ choice. 

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