​Recognition from Lord Patel and the British Hajj Delegation

by Hajj Safe

Hajj Safe proudly supports the British Hajj Delegation with its Hajj Safe products. Three to four million Muslims from around the world flock to do Hajj every year, putting the local infrastructure and health services under great pressure, therefore many countries send a Hajj Delegation to assist their citizens. The British Hajj Delegation does fantastic work providing pilgrims from the U.K with vital medical services for free during the Hajj. The delegation’s doctors are so committed that they do not receive any funding and use their own money to go. The British Hajj Delegation has been providing on the ground medical support to U.K nationals performing Hajj for over ten years, and in 2014 the delegation utilised Hajj Safe’s products for the first time and plans to continue to do so.

The British Hajj Delegation has been led by Lord Adam Patel for the past ten years. Lord Patel is a British businessman originally from Gujarat. In February 2000, he was made a life peer and became Baron Patel of Blackburn; some of his other achievements include being a former president of Lancashire Council of Mosques, and Chairman of the British Hajj Commission. We are pleased to announce that Lord Patel has personally been in contact with Hajj Safe and he supports our ongoing work.