My First Hajj

by Hajj Safe

We asked one of our customers to write about the reasons for their purchase of Hajj Safe products. Here is their response:

I’m a convert from the U.K and I’ve been a Muslim for almost sixteen years. I will be going on Hajj next month inshaAllah with my husband and our two children age five and seven. I’ve travelled to the usual tourist destinations before like Tunisia and Spain, but I’ve never been as far as Saudi Arabia. This has made me think more about staying safe during our journey, especially because a friend of mine had their suitcase stolen from the hotel reception area when they were leaving Medina, which shocked me because you wouldn’t think people in Medina would do something like that. I saw an advert for Hajj Safe online when I was looking for a dua book to take with me. I clicked on the link and was really pleased with the products on offer. I bought the Hajj Safe waist bag almost straight away because there’s nothing worse than having your passports or money stolen. I might get a second one so that my husband and me have one each. Hajj Safe has been around for while now, so thieves might even recognise the Hajj Safe bags and realise that it’s not even worth trying! The bag is clearly very strong and secure, but at the same time it's not too bulky or heavy. Overall, I'm really impressed with Hajj Safe and recommend anyone going on Hajj or Umrah to have a look at the website.