Looking For Some Great Gifts For Eid?

by Hajj Safe

Want to buy a gift for Eid for family or friends? How about for that awkward person to buy for who seems to have everything already? Look no further than Hajj Safe. Our products make ideal gifts for those planning to go on Hajj or Umrah in the coming months or year, or indeed, such a gift may provide encouragement to a loved one and help them to take the plunge and go.

Our sisters’ Hajj and Umrah kit, for example, comes ready gift boxed with a red ribbon around it, and the items inside are nestled in tissue paper. It contains the following essential items: a Secure Hajj & Umrah Neck/Side BagShoe/sandal and Pray Mat BagFirst Aid Kit & Medicine Bag; Unscented Liquid Soap; the Hajj Made Easy Portable Guide, and a Face Mask. Better than perfume and more useful than jewellery, the kit is presented in a way that shows you care.

If price is an issue and you are on a budget, how about the shoe and prayer mat bag for just £4.99? After all, there's nothing more annoying than leaving the masjid and being unable to find your shoes amongst the mass of footwear left by all the pilgrims. Hajj and Umrah are times when patience is an essential part of worship, and ensuring that the frustration of losing their shoes is taken away from a pilgrim will bring them peace of mind and you reward, inshaAllah.

Please have a look at the Hajj Safe website, which currently has several discount offers in place, and choose the ideal gift for your loved ones today. www.hajjsafe.com