Hajj Safe- Developing Internationally

by Hajj Safe

Hajj safe has joined partners with different state officials in Nigeria to provide Nigerian pilgrims with Hajj safe products. We have been working alongside agents who are enthusiastic about Hajj Safe’s products and have taken them from Lagos, the most populated city in Nigeria, to Abuja and beyond.

Turkey has a very large hajj and umrah market and Hajj Safe has now been selling in Turkey for over a year and is looking to expand this. Furthermore, Hajj Safe has been exporting its products to Dubai and has taken the first steps towards Hajj Safe expanding into the Middle East market.

Hajj Safe's founder is currently residing in Cairo and is developing Hajj Safe in Egypt, which is a great start to expanding into North African countries such as Libya, Algeria and Morocco.

These developments are exciting and it is an era of change for Hajj Safe. We will keep you posted on further developments.  

Looking to join partners with Hajj Safe? Would you like to take Hajj Safe to your country? Please get in touch - info@hajjsafe.com