Why Choose the Hajj Safe Anti-Theft Ihram Belt?

by Hajj Safe

The Hajj Safe Anti-theft Ihram Belt is in fact the ONLY Anti-Theft ihram belt out there on the market. It isn’t just a basic bag, but features a secure mobile phone, passport and money pocket. It is made from water resistant material (yes it does sometimes rain in Saudi Arabia and in Makkah & Madinah), and can be worn around the waist or diagonally across the shoulder and body- however you feel most comfortable. The secure zip stopper on the bag helps to prevent thieves from simply pulling the zip across, and it has a secure hidden buckle which, again, makes it difficult for anyone else to gain access to the bag. Added to this is the entirely unique feature, which was the original idea behind the Hajj Safe Anti-theft Ihram Belt- the wire enforcement within the waist strap. Years in development, and open to upgrades should a new idea arise, the Hajj Safe Anti-theft Ihram Belt is the first choice for the all pilgrims.