Ramadan- Stay Safe

by Hajj Safe

Ramadan is upon us, and this is a very busy time when it comes to Umrah, as Muslims seek to please Allah during this holy month. Many are aware of the hadith in which the Prophet (SAWS) states: “When Ramadan comes, go for Umrah, for Umrah in (that month) is equivalent to Hajj”. This is a very special time in Mecca as not only do the pilgrims perform tawaf (circulation of the Kaba) and saey (between the hills of Safa and Marwah), but they also eat together as they break fast at iftar, with 12,000 metre long tablecloths stretched out daily for iftar in Makkah along the side of the Mosque area, for worshippers to end their fast together. This is a totally amazing experience and no wonder, therefore, that the city of Makkah becomes so busy during the month of Ramadan. Hajj Safe wishes all those who are performing Umrah in Ramadan a safe and successful journey, but would also like to remind pilgrims of the safety precautions it is wise to take, particularly during this busy time. It is unfortunate that some people seem to pose as pilgrims in order to take advantage of being in close proximity to others’ belongings, and of course, wherever there are crowds health risks increase. We would therefore advise having a look at our Hajj Safe products in order to get the most out of the pilgrimage and avoid potential illness and/or upset.