Protect Yourself from Hajj Fraud

by Hajj Safe

Unfortunately, every year a number of Muslims fall victim to Hajj fraud. This can occur in a number of ways, for example paying for a Hajj package by bank transfer and hearing no more about it, or even getting to Makkah or Medina and finding that the hotel has not been booked or paid for. However, there are some key ways of protecting yourself from this upsetting crime, and it is recommended that you:

  • Only book with legitimate tour companies, preferably a company recommended by someone you know.
  • Check reviews of the company to see what other people have said, and make sure there are a good number of reviews.
  • Check that the travel agent/tour operator is accredited by the Saudi Embassy.
  • Check that the travel company is a member of ABTA, as that will ensure they have a code of conduct to follow. You can check this on the ABTA website.
  • Make sure the company is ATOL protected. That way, even if the travel company closes while you away for whatever reason, you will be protected. You can check this on the ABTA website; by telephoning them on 0207 453 6700, or by contacting the Ministry of Hajj.
  • Get everything in writing: receipts for payment; airline bookings and tickets; hotel confirmation. Keep a record of everything from start to finish.
  • Do not pay with cash, and do not transfer money into an individual’s bank account- a legitimate company will be able to accept a debit card.

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If you are a victim of Hajj fraud, do not feel embarrassed- it is the scammer that should feel ashamed. Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at