Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and Novartis Gives Hajj Safe The Thumbs Up!!

by Hajj Safe

Hajj Safe has been endorsed and recommended by the Muslim Council Britain (MCB) and Novartis (Hajj and Umrah vaccine provider) as one of the main websites that provides health and safety information and products to pilgrims planning to make the journey to Hajj or Umrah.


Our Health and Safety Guide is a useful resource that sets out some of the key concerns around staying healthy and remaining safe while on Hajj or Umrah. It is a twelve page illustrated guide that explains the health risks and issues that pilgrims may be faced with during the specific stages of performing the religious rites, including:

What to be aware of before you travel;

What to do during travel;

What to do when you arrive;

What to do when you get back home.

We also provide unscented liquid soap, which is alcohol free with no animal derived ingredients, and thus suitable for when in the state of Ihram. Hajj Safe also sells face masks which are useful should there be an outbreak of a virus during the Hajj period, and this product is particularly useful for vulnerable groups who may be more susceptible to illness. Useful to everyone is the Hajj Safe First Aid Kit, as it is wise to expect the unexpected whilst travelling. The First Aid Kit has been designed in consultation with doctors, pharmacists, and those with experience of Hajj and Umrah, and it includes space for prescription medication in addition to the essential first aid products provided with the kit. Hajj Safe is committed to the safety and well being of pilgrims as this will assist in making religious devotion easier during this special time. Please don’t forget, inshaAllah, to make dua for us all at Hajj Safe during your trip!