Hajj Safe: Pharmacy Coupon Initiative

by Hajj Safe

Hajj Safe has developed a new pharmacy initiative and is working alongside a number of pharmacies to provide customers with a superior service.Firstly, a coupon is available that entitles customers to a discounted rate on Hajj Safe products if they buy them from the pharmacy they initially had the vaccination at. Secondly, Hajj Safe is providing customers with important health and safety information to improve their journey to Hajj and/or Umrah. The Hajj Safe leaflet describes what the traveller will need to take with them to ensure their journey runs smoothly and safely. In addition, a unique map of Hajj and Umrah, instead of displaying religious advice, illustrates the health and safety issues that may arise at each location, and what is needed to mitigate against and deal with these issues. Hajj Safe is a renowned company, and over 300,000 people in 15 different countries have benefitted from its products.

To Find out more please visit - http://www.hajjsafe.com/pharmacy-coupon-initiative/